Continuous Delivery. Applied.

Continuous Delivery Consulting helps organisations to accelerate their time to market, by adopting Continuous Delivery.

About Us


We help organisations to increase the stability and speed of their IT delivery capabilities to meet business demand.

We have a deep understanding of the principles and practices of Continuous Delivery. We provide consulting and training services to help you apply the technology and team changes your organisation needs to accelerate its time to market

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We have a different approach to Continuous Delivery. We don’t preach a one-size-fits-all solution, because we know that no two organisations are the same. We listen, and we learn the needs of your organisation. We then work with your executives, managers, and practitioners to meet those needs, by applying Continuous Delivery principles and practices to your circumstances and constraints.

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We run training courses focussed on helping executives, managers, and practitioners to learn about Continuous Delivery and how it can benefit both large enterprise organisations and small startups. We pride ourselves on tailoring our courses to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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Steve Smith has written several books on Continuous Delivery, including the well-known "Measuring Continuous Delivery".

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Multi-Speed Operations

How can Multi-Speed Operations eliminate handoffs and adhere to ITIL? In this article, Steve Smith explains why Service Transition, Change...

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Multi-Speed Architecture

How can Multi-Speed Architecture accelerate reliability and delivery flow? In this article, Steve Smith explains why Policy Rules should be...

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Multi-Speed IT

What is Multi-Speed IT? In this article, Steve Smith explains how Multi-Speed IT provides the means to drive a Continuous...

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The Bimodal Delusion

Why is Bimodal IT a fundamentally flawed method of IT transformation? In this series, Steve Smith describes why Bimodal IT...

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Check out the talks Steve Smith has given on Continuous Delivery

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