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Organisation Antipattern: Project Teams

Projects kill teams and flow Given the No Projects definition of a project as “a fixed amount of time and money assigned to deliver a large batch of value add“, it is not surprising that for many organisations a new project heralds the creation of a Project Team: A project team is a temporary organisational unit responsible…

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No Projects

Projects kill flow and teams. Focus on products, not projects Since the Dawn of Computer Time, enormous sums of money and embarrassing amounts of time have been squandered upon software projects that have delivered little or no return on investment, with projects floundering between segregated Business and IT divisions squabbling over overestimated value-add and underestimated delivery dates. Given…

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Bodart’s Law

Uniformity != Efficiency Within any software organisation, there will be sporadic attempts to establish uniform processes, tools, and/or practices. Examples might include: “Every team must use the same hardware/OS/IDE” “Every application must use the same in-house commons/utilities API” “Every application must use the same infrastructure – application  server/container/configuration/ORM/database” “Every application must use the same release…

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