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  1. Any devops team in the world can set up a CD pipeline in about 5 minutes. In fact, I saw one team do that on Saturday. The real skill to pulling CD off is, as you said, changing the organisation so that it supports this and helping the dev team – which you didn’t say – write better tests.

    Speaking of lean, BTW, the CD pipeline can be a Target Condition that drives improvements. Once you attempt it the real organisational issues will become obvious. (My latest attempts to do CD revealed time-management problems in the MT and a weak corporate vision. So, I have to fix those before coming back down to the dev team.)

  2. Hi

    Thanks for that. Yes, a CD pipeline can be built far more quickly than an organisation can be changed… particularly if it is a single application pipeline.

    You’re right to stress the importance of safeguarding a pipeline with better quality acceptance tests. For brevity I wanted to focus more upon Conway’s Law and Lean Thinking in this instance, but it is indeed a key aspect. Because the organisation I work for already has development teams writing outstanding acceptance tests with in-team BAs, it’s easy to take that for granted.

    Rather than view the pipeline itself as a Target Condition, I tend to set short- and long-term goals with Operations (e.g. “manage this new platform of applications”, “reduce error rate of deployments by X”), and then use the pipeline to implement those goals.



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