2 comments on “Continuous Delivery and Cost of Delay”

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for posting this – this is an important topic, and something which very few people are applying in the ‘real’ world (in my experience).

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on how to apply the above to the many different shapes of COD we face in the field.

    For example, a change to adhere to a new regulatory requirement could be termed as having a cost of delay of zero until the legislation becomes effective, at which point the cost may be a large fine, or the shutting down of a related revenue generating activity (at which point the cost is a step or is linear as per the projected loss of that revenue stream).

    There are other shapes – for example degenerative COD where the cost of delay of a feature may be $1000 in lost potential revenue next week as you’ll be first to market, but in 4 weeks time that cost may be down to $100 as the rest of the market catches up.

    Again, thanks for posting.



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