1 comment on “Organisation Antipattern: Consumer Release Testing”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Interesting post and I agree that testing should be considered an activity which takes place alongside development. You talk about it towards the end of the post but I think that one of the most damaging aspects of having an isolated test team (assuming they are the only test team) is to encourage developers to ‘throw things over the wall’ for testing. Fully integrated teams are far more likely to collaborate and take a team-wide view of quality. The exception to this is where you have smaller teams of cross-functional people building and testing but maintain an independent test team to exploratory test across the whole system. I believe that it is possible to do this well, and it may uncover some very interesting defects. It is incorrect to consider that significant defects can’t be uncovered without high test coverage. I can think of many systems which crash the first time I try to use them. In fact you’re touching on one of testing’s great challenges; you simply cannot predict where the defects lie or which tests will expose them.

    I’m interested in your point that ‘Independent testing phase – dividing authority and responsibility for the consumer results in quality issues’ do you see this simply because the developer doesn’t need to accept so much responsibility for their work?


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