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Build The Right Thing and Build The Thing Right

Should an organisation in peril start its journey towards IT enabled growth by investing in IT delivery first, or product development? Should it Build The Thing Right with Continuous Delivery, or Build The Right Thing with Lean Product Development?

In this article, Steve Smith looks at the consequences of  IT As A Cost Centre, and explains why a co-evolution of product design and engineering capabilities is so important to IT As A Business Differentiator

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IT As A Business Differentiator

How can Continuous Delivery power innovation in an organisation? In this article, Steve Smith explains the IT As A Business Differentiator technology strategy, and the role of Continuous Delivery. When an organisation is in a state of Continuous Delivery, its technology strategy can be described as IT As A Business Differentiator. IT staff will work…

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Continuous Delivery and Cost of Delay

Use Cost of Delay to value Continuous Delivery features When building a Continuous Delivery pipeline, we want to value and prioritise our backlog of planned features to maximise our return on investment. The time-honoured, ineffective IT approach of valuation by intuition and prioritisation by cost is particularly ill-suited to Continuous Delivery, due to its focus…

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