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Aim for Operability, not DevOps As A Cult

The DevOps Handbook describes an admirable DevOps As A Philosophy based on flow, feedback, continual learning and experimentation. However, a near-decade of naivety, confusion, and profiteering surrounding DevOps has left the IT industry with DevOps As A Cult and the benefits of Operability are all too often overlooked.

In this article Steve Smith explains why DevOps As A Philosophy is a laudable ideal, why DevOps As A Cult is the unpleasant reality, and why organisations should instead focus on Operability as an enabler of Continuous Delivery.

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Introducing Continuous Delivery

Our founder Steve Smith has written a detailed introduction to Continuous Delivery for the DZone 2014 report on Continuous Delivery. “Introducing Continuous Delivery” describes the origins of Continuous Delivery, explores the problems with a manual release process, and outlines the key principles that underpin Continuous Delivery. Read the full article – “Introducing Continuous Delivery” (external)

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Continuous Delivery != DevOps

Continuous Delivery and DevOps are interdependent, not equivalent Since the publication of Dave Farley and Jez Humble’s seminal book on Continuous Delivery in 2010, its rise within the IT industry has been paralleled by the growth of the DevOps movement. While Continuous Delivery has an explicit goal of optimising for cycle time and an established set of principles and practices, DevOps is a more…

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