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Multi-Speed Operations

How can Multi-Speed Operations eliminate handoffs and adhere to ITIL?

In this article, Steve Smith explains why Service Transition, Change Management, and Production Support phases are inimical to Continuous Delivery, and how such Policy Rules can be turned into ITIL-compliant Policy Guidelines that increase flow

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Multi-Speed Architecture

How can Multi-Speed Architecture accelerate reliability and delivery flow?

In this article, Steve Smith explains why Policy Rules should be based on Continuous Delivery predictors, the importance of a loosely-coupled architecture, and how architectural Policy Rules can benefit Continuous Delivery and reliability

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Multi-Speed IT

What is Multi-Speed IT?

In this article, Steve Smith explains how Multi-Speed IT provides the means to drive a Continuous Delivery programme with incremental investments, according to product demand.

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The Bimodal Delusion

Why is Bimodal IT a fundamentally flawed method of IT transformation?

In this series, Steve Smith describes why Bimodal IT is a delusion, why Bimodal IT is just a rehash of brownfield versus greenfield IT, and what the consequences are for Continuous Delivery.

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Continuous Delivery and Multi-Speeding

How should  an IT department incrementally and iteratively transform itself? How should different methods of software development, testing, and operations be managed at the same time?

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