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Deployment Pipeline Design and The Theory Of Constraints

How should you design a deployment pipeline? Short and wide, long and thin, or something else?

In this article, Steve Smith uses a Theory Of Constraints lens to explain why short and wide vs. long and thin deployment pipelines is a false dichotomy, and why pipeline flexibility is more important than any particular pipeline design. More details can be found in the book Measuring Continuous Delivery.

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Continuous Delivery and the Theory Of Constraints

How should you actually implement Continuous Delivery?

How do you identify and remove the major impediments in your build, testing, and operational activities?

In this article, Steve Smith explains how easy it is for a Continuous Delivery programme to be unsuccessful, how the Theory Of Constraints works, how to apply the Five Focussing Steps to Continuous Delivery, and how to home in on the constrained activities that are your keys to success

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