Continuous Delivery & Operability

How to maximise throughput and reliability in your enterprise organisation


In this book, Steve Smith will describe how to implement the principles and practices at the intersection of Continuous Delivery and Operability, so you can maximise deployment throughput and live service reliability.

This book will answer these key questions, for your enterprise organisation:

  • Why should you adopt Continuous Delivery and Operability?
  • How do you implement Continuous Delivery to enable Operability?
  • How do you implement Operability to enable Continuous Delivery?
  • How do you bring Continuous Delivery and Operability to life?

Continuous Delivery is a set of well-defined principles and practices that increase revenues and reduce costs, by accelerating production launches to sustainably meet product demand. Operability is a set of post-DevOps, part-SRE practices that protect revenues and reduce costs, by ensuring services are easy to reliably and safely operate in production. CD&O are essential co-dependencies for any enterprise organisation that wishes to combine a fast time to market with reliable business operations.


This book is aimed at executives, managers, leaders, and practitioners in any IT department who want to get the most out of Continuous Delivery and Operability. That includes people with technical and non-technical backgrounds in development, testing, operations, and much more.

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