Continuous Delivery For Practitioners

This 2 day training course is an introduction for practitioners to Continuous Delivery – a delivery method that advocates the creation of an automated Deployment Pipeline to release software rapidly and reliably into production.

  • Course Audience: 5-15 Practitioners
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Location: On-site
  • Facilitator: Steve Smith


The goal of Continuous Delivery is to adopt a holistic end-to-end delivery perspective and optimise cycle time – the average time from code checkin to production release – so that costs are lowered, risks are minimised, and revenues are increased via faster customer feedback.

This training course will explain the principles of Continuous Delivery, how to automate a Deployment Pipeline including zero-downtime production releases, and how combining Continuous Delivery with DevOps can deliver success in both startup and enterprise organisations.


In this course, you will learn:

  • What Continuous Delivery is, and why it has such a compelling business case
  • How the Deployment Pipeline pattern enables a reliable, repeatable automated release mechanism
  • How to weave together different technologies to form an automated pipeline
  • How development practices can enable the evolutionary design of an always releasable codebase
  • How automated acceptance testing, smoke testing, and operational testing reduce risk and empower testers
  • How incremental releases and database updates enable zero-downtime production releases
  • Why Continuous Delivery needs organisational change, and how DevOps can help
You only need a laptop if you wish to take electronic notes – course and exercise materials are supplied.


This training course comprises 2 days of in-depth discussions and group exercises aimed at developers, technical leaders, architects, operations engineers, testers, performance engineers, etc.

Day 1

  1. What is Continuous Delivery
    • Discussion: Your Release Process
    • The Last Mile Problem
    • What Is Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous Delivery Principles
  2. The Deployment Pipeline
    • The Deployment Pipeline
    • Deployment Pipeline Practices
    • Work In Small Batches
    • Exercise: Isabel’s Issued Invites [Lean Envelopes]
  3. Building A Pipeline
    • Deployment Pipeline Toolchain
    • Automated Configuration
    • Automated Infrastructure
    • Deployment Pipeline Patterns
  4. Developing For The Pipeline
    • Trunk Based Development
    • Incremental Design Practices
    • Effective Architecture
    • Discussion: Your Pipeline

Day 2

  1. Testing In The Pipeline
    • Discussion: Your Testing
    • Continuous Testing
    • Automated Testing Patterns
    • Testing External Systems
  2. Operations In The Pipeline:
    • Release And Remediation Plan
    • Incremental Release Patterns
    • Databases And Data
    • Business Monitoring
  3. Organisational Change
    • Exercise: Percy’s Paper Planes [Lean Aeroplanes]
    • The Need For Change
    • How To Drive Change
    • Discussion: Your Organisation
  4. Adopting Continuous Delivery


It was good to hear about real life examples from other companies

Introduced some advanced topics for the attendees to continue their learning

A good mix of theory, real-world examples, and interactive exercises

Aggregated course feedback is as follows (1 = Bad, 5 = Good):

Was the course material clearly explained by the trainer?


Were the slides clear and helpful?


Was the trainer able to answer all of your questions?


Would you recommend the course to a colleague or friend?


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